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手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック
手が荒れない洗剤 水tericミズテリック
Removal of dirt & anti-virus & sterilization of bacteria Antibacterial & deodorant in one
Just put lukewarm water in a powder bottle
New sensation   Cleaning and disinfecting spray

除菌スプレー携帯 消臭抗菌 妊婦や赤ちゃんにやさしい

For those who are worried about this

1. I am having trouble with rough hands and deterioration of things
2. I am worried about combustibles (dangerous) if it is alcohol
3. It is troublesome to wipe off dirt and take measures against viruses and sterilization.
4. The sterilizing action is worrisome about the impact on the human body and the environment

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック
手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Three effects

1. Visible effect

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Removes dirt (oil dirt is also effective)

2. Invisible effect

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Antivirus + Bacterial eradication / antibacterial

3. Effect as a sense (smell)

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック


* We do not guarantee the absolute removal of dirt.
* Not all viruses and bacteria can be removed.

* Products not applicable to PRTR (without sodium coconut oil sulfate)

* [Surfactant capable of anti-virus] Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether

Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Also used for cleaning medical equipment and cosmetics

Surfactant derived from 100% plant sugar


☆ Completed synthetic detergent that does not have the drawbacks of synthetic detergent ☆

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Safe and secure with oxygen-based cleaning!

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Antivirus, sterilization / antibacterial,

In addition, deodorize at once!

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

When wiping off the skin

Friendly to things!

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Since it is derived from the sugar content of plants, it can be decomposed in nature and is environmentally friendly (good biodegradability).

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Ingredients that are kind to pregnant women and children!

What is a surfactant?

Widely used in daily life such as soap, shampoo, detergent for water, and deodorant.
A general term for substances that have parts that are easily compatible with water and oil.

* In reality, 99% of the market uses substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment.

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック
Benefits of powder bottles

1. Easy to carry
2. Easy long-term storage *
3. Non-dangerous and easy to store
* Please be careful about humidity.

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック
手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

Only put the warm water in a bottle!

除菌スプレー携帯 水tericミズテリック

When going out

Where you care!

おもちゃ除菌 水tericミズテリック


For sterilization of baby products!

テレワーク 水tericミズテリック

Even during telework!



Impressions from customers who used it

< Delivery record   click here

Homes with small children

除菌スプレー 携帯 外出 mizuteric

As it is a powder bottle, it is convenient to carry when going out. You can rest assured that it is not a dangerous item to store, and you can easily use it in places you care about when you go out with your family, such as tables, handrails, and elevator buttons when eating out.

Medical equipment / treatment


Many patients come to the hospital for in-hospital treatment. Currently, anti-virus measures are required for devices that are touched by an unspecified number of people, but alcohol has an impact on the devices, making it difficult to take measures. In addition, since it is necessary to make reservations every day, it is necessary to smoothly carry out the flow of people, and it is not possible to clean the equipment every time the patient changes, so it was also necessary to be easy.

Water teric has been used as a medical cleaning solution for many years, so it is low-risk, gentle on the human body and things, and has antibacterial and antibacterial measures, so it is easy to handle.



Alcohol disinfection after wiping the table has been a double task until now, but now it can be completed at once with water teric. It is helpful because it can remove oil stains, prevent viruses, and disinfect and deodorize.
Dirt that could not be removed by just wiping with water can be firmly removed with water teric, so the white cloth will turn black. It can also be used for general in-store cleaning.
Rough hands, which were vulnerable to alcohol, have also been improved.

Shipping company


I was worried about the temperature inside the car and bringing in dangerous materials when traveling for a long time. In addition, anti-virus measures in the car caused deterioration of things due to alcohol, which was a problem, but water teric does not deteriorate things and it helps to wipe dirt!
It is useful because you can clean the inside of the car at once.

Campsite (user)

水tericミズテリック キャンプ

Water teric is useful in places where there is not enough water in campsites. In places where you cannot wash dishes, where you cannot wash your hands sufficiently, and when oil splashes on your glasses while cooking, it is essential for those who wear glasses to wipe their glasses. Water teric is very useful for such dirt prevention! It was also useful for deodorizing the odor of garbage to take home. In addition, because it is an environmentally friendly ingredient, it gives a sense of security as a person who considers environmental protection.

Campsite (operator)

人体や環境にやさしい sdgs 水teric mizuteric

At the camp, it is necessary to consider the natural environment as well as enjoy it. Due to the disposal of garbage from camps and the growing worldwide interest in SDGs in recent years, dishwashing detergents also need to be environmentally friendly. Water teric is a component that is decomposed in nature and is useful for environmental protection.

It is also used for cleaning the inside of the cottage and deodorizing mold.

Telework and office

テレワーク 事務所 水tericミズテリック

The dirt on devices such as desks, PCs, keyboards, and smartphones was unexpectedly dirty, and I became even more concerned about Corona. It is also used for multiple purposes such as measures for places that are often touched by human hands, cleaning teacups in hot water supply rooms, and deodorizing kitchen waste. In addition, you can easily carry the doorknobs that go in and out, the buttons of the elevator, etc. It is also used for public anti-virus measures and sterilization and deodorization.

Second-hand goods and used clothing stores

古着 衣類消臭 除菌 水tericミズテリック

It is important to keep the unspecified number of touched products clean by removing dirt, but recently anti-virus measures are also required. Alcohol was difficult to deal with because it deteriorated into things. We use water teric because it can prevent dirt and viruses at the same time and is kind to the human body and things. Deodorizing second-hand goods is another important measure. Water teric is useful because these measures are effective.

Disaster prevention / disaster stockpiling

防災災害備蓄 水tericミズテリック

Alcohol inventory is newly required for anti-virus measures, but for emergency use, it is a combustible material and care must be taken in management including the storage period.

Water teric is a non-dangerous substance because it is stored in powder form, it is also excellent in transportation, and it can be used from the time it is filled with water, reducing the burden of worry. Although the number of disasters has been increasing in recent years, even in the event of a water shortage in an emergency, it is a necessary item for stockpiling because it is friendly to the human body and the environment as well as general hygiene management including [dirt removal, virus countermeasures, sterilization antibacterial, deodorant]. I am using it.


Product Summary

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック


* Usage guideline: Approximately 860 pushes possible

JPY1,320 (tax not included)

Set of 2 and shipping, not included


Toys, baby equipment, clothes washing, office furniture, tables, smartphones, remote controls, door knobs, handrails, elevator buttons, pet toilets, bedding and bedroom beds, shoe boxes and shoes deodorant, car wash, car interior, sports equipment, washing Machine dirt removal & disinfection, bathroom, air freshener filter, toilet, drainage ditch, food waste, humidifier tank, kitchen (cooking utensils), ventilation fan, stove, tableware (oil, tea astringent, etc.) It can be used for multiple purposes as a disinfectant / antibacterial + deodorant.

Precautions for use

● Not effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi.
● Do not use for other purposes (humidifier, etc.).

● Do not use for protein-based fibers and silver products. Wool, fur, leather, silk, pearls, tortoiseshell, ivory, amber, opal, etc. * Do not use for varnished wood products, chlorine bleach, or aluminum products.

● When you get it in your mouth, you may feel bitter due to its alkaline nature.

● Be careful of infants playing with soap bubbles and mischief, and keep them out of reach.

● Should this get in your eyes, rinse with water and see a doctor if necessary.

● Should you observe any abnormalities on your skin, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

● White powder is generated when it dries, but it is a component and there is no problem. Wipe off as needed.

● Since it is not a cleanser, it is not suitable for scorching stains.

● If the neutralization effect occurs due to dirt that is not noticed from the beginning and the wiping is insufficient, phenomena such as “stickiness” may occur.

Precautions for storage

* When carrying, please be careful about temperature difference, violent vibration, and internal liquid leakage from external pressure.
* The container may be damaged if it is used and stored under direct sunlight, high temperature, severe temperature difference or atmospheric pressure difference.

* Storage in direct sunlight or high temperature may cause deterioration.

* We are not responsible for any damage caused by liquid leakage.

* Before use, please make sure that the cap is completely closed.

Delivery record (honorific title omitted)

Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Medical corporation Health Haven Yamamura Eye Orthopedic Surgery

Akita Spa and Drive-in Service Co., Ltd. (SDI)

Saisan Co., Ltd.

Alps Central Credit Bank

Tatsuno Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Ajima Motor Driving School Co., Ltd.

Ina Resort Co., Ltd.
Machizukuri Kiso Fukushima Co., Ltd. (Camping Field Kiso Kodo)

Nishizawa Co., Ltd. (Book Off, TSUTAYA FC Division)

Mitamura Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Mamizuka Inn Co., Ltd.

Pet Salon Cecil

Komagane Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment Center

Local restaurants, etc.

手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック
手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

※Coupon applicable only in Japan



​【 継続的に必要な衛生環境に 】

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手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック

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