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Glass coat スマホガラスコート Symphonic Wave

Glass coat

~ From film to sophisticated coating ~

The joy that can be used in the original form of gadgets such as smartphones. .. ..

The joy of being able to use the original "feel of shape" and "weight" as they are. .. ..

Anxious "dust that collects on the edge of the film" "difficulty in sticking the screen protection film" "troublesomeness that the touch sensitivity drops when sticking the film"

Whether you are currently using it or replacing it with a new one, if you stick a film anyway

From now on, be smarter. .. ..

スマホにガラスコート Symphonic Wave


A type of silica coating solution that reacts with moisture in the air to form a thin film of silica.

This paint has excellent smoothness and is less likely to cause coating spots, so it is a feature that has never been seen before.

By applying "thin" and "multiple" minerals, the protection function is further enhanced, but the sensitivity by the finger is not impaired.

The hardness immediately after curing is "9H or more" in pencil hardness.

子どもタブレットにガラスコート Symphonic Wave

Excellent in high gloss, waterproof, scratch and stain resistance

Increases glossiness.

Since it has excellent waterproof and scratch-proof performance, especially anti-fouling performance, it is a thin film that does not easily get fingerprints and is suitable for modifying the surface layer of leather products, paper, rubber, fibers, wood, cars, etc.

The coating reacts with some water to instantly form a glass-like film that covers the material.

Since the curved shape is also coated, it follows the shape without any gaps. Due to the completely inorganic vitrification, durability is maintained for a long time.

Since it is completely inorganic vitrification, it has no effect on the human body.

Even if it is completely inorganic, it can be overcoated on the entire surface, which enables multi-layering, which enables stronger protection.

Construction is possible not only for new products but also after use.

It will be made in Japan.


1. In order to prevent scratches and dents due to impact on the housing, we recommend that those who are concerned use a certain case.

2. The increased luster makes it slightly slippery.

☆ Other workable products * Please contact us in advance ☆

① Glasses / Sunglasses ② Watches ③ Lenses (cameras, etc.) ④ Goggles / underwater cameras ④ Game machines ⑤ Jewelery ⑥ Residential water around (conro, ventilation fan hood, sink, toilet bowl, wash basin, bathroom mirror, etc.) ⑦ Solar panel ⑧ Golf equipment related ⑨ Shoes ⑩ Clothing ⑪ Figure ⑫ Body, glass, mirrors ⑬ Leather products (bags, business card holders, motorcycle seats, etc.)


Impact resistance test

* It does not mean that it will never break.

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