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Become a bridge to be smart.

Become a bridge to make your life smarter.


We live in an era where the journey of the heart enriches our lives and the thoughts we are born with are realized over time and beyond time and space.
Imagination is endless, and new imagination and further creativity are awakened and created from the information and values ​​shared regardless of national borders.

However, it is said that there are billions of people in the world who are forced to live inconvenience due to insufficient infrastructure.
Such people will probably not have the time to travel their hearts.

However, the latest information and communication technology should give such people an opportunity to invite them to a journey of their hearts.
It is also a big change in life and life triggered by one thing or thing.


We believe that it is our mission to provide services that can serve as a platform, which is exactly such an opportunity.

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Make everything smart

Make things around the world smarter


The digitization of information has changed people's activities significantly.

Information has become bidirectional, and with free exchange, countries that seemed to be far away have become familiar.
Information devices are also becoming gadgets from personal computers to smartphones, and the trend is accelerating.

The world has certainly narrowed. However, much of the information that you do not know and that brings out your potential is deeply latent across countries.

We will introduce you to the potential things and things to unlock your potential and meet unknown opportunities.

Symphonically (in harmony) and smart (intelligently cool)!

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"The distance of humankind on the earth will be shorter"

Based on our corporate philosophy and vision, we will communicate fairly and broadly and play a united role as a member of a sustainable society. To that end, we will respect all cultures and customs, share and understand the principles of existence from the atomic nuclei that make up matter to the mechanisms of the earth and space, and aim for coexistence and harmony. Thoughts are virtual reality, and at the same time, they are the first step toward realization, and we will realize the joy of making efforts with rising thinking.

"Share your heart all over the world"

"Less Too Much". Too many things and things, including information, create a burden on the body. It also burdens our surroundings and the planet. Getting smarter is a more sophisticated lifestyle. You will become more independent and more willing to think seriously that "this is all you need". As cells of the earth, we aim to become more energyless and to be a member of a new era with simple and clear value.

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手が荒れない除菌洗浄液 水tericミズテリック 卓上クラウド型デジタルサイネージサービス Symphonic Wave


company name

Symphonic Wave Inc.

Year of establishment: August 2018

President: Takashi Tomono

Business content

Digital signage service, development / manufacturing / sales of goods, import / export trade


Location: 〒399-4117
14-947-2 Akaho, Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture (Sales Office)

Tel: 0265-95-2539

Fax: 0265-83-7938


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