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It is a set of 3 types of natural stones.

The bottle contains powder and one (or two) of the following natural stones.


Ideal for mobile phones and gifts!


・ Obsidian from Nagano Wada Pass

・ Amethyst (February birthstone)

・ Prenite


* The meaning of each natural stone is explained separately.


please note

-Because it is a natural stone, there are variations in color, shape, size, cracks, scratches, chips, etc.

・ In addition, please use it based on the same usage as normal water teric.

次世代洗浄液 水 teric SPIRITUAL(2g・100ml用)3種1セット

  • You can use it after adding 100 ml of lukewarm water (or water) to dissolve the powder well.

    Please use it after fully understanding the precautions.

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